Dealing with “Rejection”

   “Do not waste yourself in rejection; do not bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson   “Why didn’t I get that job? The interview went so great!” “My resume is PERFECT for their job description – why haven’t they called? It’s been months!” “I know it’s a financially based “layoff”, but it sure feels like I got fired . . . “ It is as inevitable in job searching, as it is in life, that sometimes we are going to feel unwanted, not appreciated, passed over, or flat out DISSED by some experience Read More

Holly Jolly Holiday Networking

 (This is a repost from last year …. people seem to like it as much as the spiked punch, so here you go, a tad early for Christmas but in time for Thanksgiving weekend soirees ….)   Happy holidays, one and all! ‘Tis the season of festiveness — twinkly lights, favorite sweets, Aunt Jule’s Famous egg nog, and the holiday parties that go with them. Yes, yes, it’s mostly about merry-making, but it’s also about reconnection – we review our year, celebrating our gains and blessings as the true gifts of the season, and with that, we often reconnect with people that were Read More

Procrastination is NOT Laziness

“Procrastination is not laziness. It is fear. We must be gentle with ourselves and take small, positive actions, right where we are.” (found online attributed to “Inspired by Julia Cameron”) Some people are motivated by what I consider negative/fear based “a$$ kicking” or doomsday predictions of “what if”/”if you don’t” . . . Personally, these tactics – whether from others (external) or myself (internal) – just feel abusive and scary, which can equal paralyzing, not motivating. Encouragement, support, bits of accomplishment and building off all of those is what works for me – what about you?  Let us know below Read More

Test Your Job Search Know-How

  No need for test anxiety, it’ll be short, sweet, and sorta fun little quiz! Or at least painless, I promise . . . AND – At the end,  you WIN a nice, useful prize  😀   Pencils ready?  You may begin:   1)      What is an “e-resume”? A)     An “everything” resume – almost like a garbage style pizza or one of those bagels with all t he seeds, it’s a  CV (curriculum vitae) resume version that includes it ALL, back to your high school activities and middle school GPA B)       An “electronic resume” – though I don’t know what that Read More