VIDEO: What Should I Put On My Resume?


Some things are pretty obvious, I KNOW you know you need your contact info and work history, for example.

But what about things like these:

  • How much of my education should I list?
  • Do I need an Objective?
  • Should I include volunteer/unpaid work?
  • What about my references?
  • Is it okay to include graphs & graphics on a resume?

Have a quick minute? (literally, the video is one minute long!  So of course you do!)

Have a look see & listen to what I recommend you Always, Sometimes, and Never include on a resume:



(Spoiler alert!!!.. about graphics …since this video was filmed (2007ish), resumes designed with graphics, and even graphs & charts, have become popular in some circles.  The input I’ve heard from many recruiters and hiring managers of various kinds is that while they won’t likely ‘ding’ you for including these items, they don’t help your chances at getting an interview, either (contrary to what many resume writers out there say  … the ones that write this way) …. I only had a minute to talk per e-how specifications (the original requester/poster of these videos), so these finer details also couldn’t be discussed in the video!


What IS important, is that the resume is easy to read, and your core skills stand out, are easy to identify within whatever format you choose!


You know I can help you with these questions – specifically YOUR questions about what to include or not include on your resume, right?  Of course you do!

Contact Shannon here for info on services – remember, resumes get interviews (get you in door!)  Interviews get jobs!  So you have to catch attention in 10 seconds or less on your resume to be considered!