You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling…

Oh oh that LOVING FEELING…. you’ve lost that loving feeling, now it’s gone, gone, gone, oh oh oh oh oh!” << sad face>>

It’s February, the stereotypical month of LOVE… and I usually write about loving your job, because, ideally, I want everyone to be head over heels about what they do all day! I think that’s very important, to our own quality of life long term, and, it just vibrates out as goodness into the world when we are happy at work!

HOWEVER… especially after these stressful last 2 years, we just may not have a lot of choice in the matter at the moment, and I get that.

Maybe you got laid off due to Covid shut downs, and you just need *A* job, any job!

Or you were already unhappy at work, but, now that there’s so much uncertainty in the marketplace, and the world, you’re just going to stay put for awhile anyway, but, man, it’s not fun.

What can you do when that loving feeling is GONE at work?  Or in your job search? (that is very common, surprise surprise! << insert sarcasm here>>)

What if the Thrill is GONE?


Here’s some love song inspired blog posts about what you can do if you just DON’T LOVE YOUR JOB (or your JOB SEARCH!) anymore….


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I still love YOU, though!  Reach out if I can help you “reclaim your job search mojo”!